Bicycle Saddle Fitting Tool

I have applied my decades of bicycle fitting and design experience to a new line a functional tools for the home mechanic concerned with correct fit.  These tools have been developed through my own needs as a cyclist looking to align the touch points of my different bikes.  Each new tool serves a very specific purposes to improve your comfort through aligning your contact points from bicycle to bicycle.  These tools will help you to find the differences between your bikes and even your own two feet.  Each tool is produced by shapeways in their factory of the future.  Each order come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will ship with in two weeks.  Please enjoy these new tools and send me your thoughts on how you like them.

Saddle Fitting Tool

Impetus Design’s saddle fitting tool allows you to switch between saddles on your bicycle.  The tools two arms locate the same width on each saddle allowing you to mark and measure to the same location every time.  This tool works best when recording your current saddles position relative to the handle bar center or the bottom bracket center.  It can also be used to easily translate your saddle position relative to the bottom bracket center from one bike to the other.  For example from your road bike to your mountain bike.

The tool is available in 5 different colors of your choosing.  Please purchase your new saddle fitting tool at shapeways today.


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