Your new product starts with your idea.  I will help you craft that idea into and "abstract" that will help define the core concept.  From there we can begin the discussion on what you want your idea to be.


Sketching is an excellent tool to quickly explore ideas and present a visual representation of the concepts expressed in the Abstract

Serotta Meivici AE product development

Concept Development

Building on the abstract and the sketching we will begin to discover the identity of your product.  This goes beyond the the style of the object and pulls from your understanding of the market and the customer your product is being created for.

3D Modeling

Allows you to visualize the product and understand how it will exist in the physical world.  3D modeling creates opportunity for discussion, simulation, prototyping and testing of your design.  It is the foundation of the development process.

Serfas Multi-Tool Concept Open

Product visualization

Rendering of the 3D concept or production models to simulate the finished product.  Great for presentation of the idea to other members on your team or evaluating the visual impact of different configurations or colors.


The study of the impact of the interaction between man and machine.  Applied to the product development process to improve the products utility for the intended user group.


Product Graphics

Product graphics can be utilized to accentuate the product's shape and call out special features.  Product logos are created within the design language of the project to reinforce the design's personality.

Your unique product begins here!

Every new project starts with and idea that grows into a unique product through the new product development process.  I will be your guide and product engineer through the product design phases needed to realize your idea's potential.