Bicycle Frame Development

GT - Children and Youth Bicycles

I have been a big fan of GT Bicycles since I began Mountain Bike racing in the 90's. I was inspired by their signature triple triangle and deep racing pedigree as I rode and raced my own Karakoram on the local trails.

Fast forward a "few years" and I was excited to work with the team at GT to develop a unique line of Kid's Bikes. We did not want another me too product for children, we instead wanted captured the GT spirit with these new bikes. We started by incorporating the triple triangle on all of the models regardless of wheel size. We created an innovative geometry solution that provides smaller riders with the latest in long front center / short stem set ups. And we introduced these features across seven wheels sizes to fit a wide range of ages.

GT Bicycles

Bicycle Frame Development

Schwinn - Storage Cruisers

A ground up development of a "storage concept" for a cruiser bicycle. With enough storage capacity for everything in your pockets, including your cell phone.  Thus allowing you to ride in unencumbered comfort when making quick trips around town on your cruiser. With security features to protect your belongings when you away from your bike.  The combination lock and protective EVA foam liner keep the items secured from sticky fingers and the elements.

Initial concept rendering were created to present the idea for approval of the project.  Next CAD concept models and renderings were developed to understand the physical requirements and tweak the design. Discovery lead us to a unique frame attachment method that seals the formed aluminum clam shells against the frame for a seamless look that is easily assembled and secured with theft proof screws. From these CAD models prototypes were made to prove out the function of the design. Frame fitment was assessed with these proof of concept models and tweaks were made and double checked, before tooling was opened. Resulting in a beautiful finished product that closely resembles the original concept sketches.


Tools and Accessories

Motorcycle Components

Tools and accessories developed for HDESA USA.  I created a unique design language that is carried through many of the tools and parts.  The custom look sets the HDESA product apart from their competition and makes them best in class.



Custom Carbon Bicycle Frame set

Holland HC

Developed with Action Composites and Holland Cycles a modern update on the classic tube and lug bicycle road frame.  Driven by an excel "draft" these frames are built one at a time to the rider's specific geometry.


Automotive Accessories

Roof Top Mounted Components

Developed with global Thule product team these accessories compliment the family of Thule roof top accessories.  Re-imagining the current product offerings into modern updates with improved functionality.


Bicycle Accessories

Cargo Carrying Solutions

Developed with global Thule product team these accessories compliment the family of Thule bicycle accessories.  Re-imagining the current product offerings into modern updates with improved functionality.


Welded Aluminum Bicycle Frame

396 TR

Developed for Prescott Cyclery a versatile mountain bike frame that takes advantage of two similar wheel sizes to create a training day | race day format.


Ergonomics for bicycles

Schwinn - Smart Start

Developed for Schwinn this is a clean slate re-envisioning of what a kid's bicycle could be.  Utilizing our proprietary ERGO CYCLIST technology we evaluated every aspect of the ergonomics of the bicycle.

We looked holistically at the whole new rider experience.  We specified the gear ratios on the bicycles for easier starts.  We kept the top speed low for parents to walk or run along side their child for safety.  We scaled the touch points to fit the specific age group the bicycle was designed for.  Ultimately creating a new bottom bracket shell width and crank Q-Factor.  Both engineered to improve the efficiency of the child's pedal stroke.  The end result is bicycles that are easier for children to learn to ride on.


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Every new project starts with and idea that grows into a unique product through the new product development process.  I will be your guide and designer through the New Product Development process to realize your product idea's full potential.