Doppio Espresso Cup

For the discerning espresso aficionado. Made in the factory of the future each cup is cast in porcelain and hand finished to a lustrous finish. Offered in four colors with the ability to add a logo or other custom element to the sides of the cup for personalization. Click on the photo for more information.



Specialty Tools for Bicycle Fitting

I developed these tools for bicycle cleat and saddle adjustment to help address common fitting issues.

Cleat Adjusting Tools

The cleat tools allow you to more easily align the left and right cleat on your shoes to match giving you a more solid foundation to base small adjustments from.

SPD-SL Road Blue SM-SH12 Cleat Adjustment Tool


This tool is designed to adjust with SM-SH12 Shimano SPD-SL blue road bike cleats.  The tool grabs the cleat and then can be aligned on left and right shoes with a Shimano TL-FC32 BB tool as shown in the picture (not included).

Directions for use:

With the cleats installed on on your shoes loosen the two retaining screws slightly.  Slide the tool over the cleat on the left shoe and adjust the rotation to the desired position.  Then mark that location on the sole of the shoe at the tool’s pointer.  Then repeat the process on the right shoe until the indicator of the tool lines up to a similar location as the mark on the left.  Then mark the right shoe at the the indicator and compare the left and right marks to make sure they are in the same relative location on the sole.


SPD SH51 Cleat Alignment Tool

SPD-SL Road Blue SM-SH12 Cleat Adjustment Tool

SPD-SL Road Yellow SM-SH11 Cleat Adjustment Tool

Saddle Fitting Tool

The saddle fitting tool helps to match any saddle on any of your bikes to another bike you own. It does this by locating on the width of the saddle. It works best if you have one bike and saddle combination you are 100% happy with. Then you can take the measurements from this saddle position relative to the tool and match it to the other saddle or bike you are setting up.

Bicycle Saddle Fitting Tool