Schwinn – Storage Cruisers

Schwinn – Storage Cruisers

A ground up development of a “storage concept” for a cruiser bicycle. With enough storage capacity for everything in your pockets, including your cell phone.  Thus allowing you to ride in unencumbered comfort when making quick trips around town on your cruiser. With security features to protect your belongings when you away from your bike.  The combination lock and protective EVA foam liner keep the items secured from sticky fingers and the elements.

Initial concept rendering were created to present the idea for approval of the project.  Next CAD concept models and renderings were developed to understand the physical requirements and tweak the design. Discovery lead us to a unique frame attachment method that seals the formed aluminum clam shells against the frame for a seamless look that is easily assembled and secured with theft proof screws. From these CAD models prototypes were made to prove out the function of the design. Frame fitment was assessed with these proof of concept models and tweaks were made and double checked, before tooling was opened. Resulting in a beautiful finished product that closely resembles the original concept sketches.


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